• Compressor Shroud Repair
  • OGV Panel
  • IGV Shroud
  • 3 Bearing Locking Nut
  • Wiring Harness

Aeronics was incorporated in April 2007 in Bangalore serving Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for Commercial Aviation Industry in the USA & manufacturing for the Defense industry in India. Our customers are in commercial aviation in the United States of America and aerospace and defense in India. All the products we supply to the US have been approved by Federal Aviation Administration for flight worthiness, a clear distinction to our capabilities, quality and reliability. The products we sell domestically are used in Indian Defense in Missiles, UAVs, Tanks and buses. Aeronics is eligible to fulfill offset obligations that multinational corporations have to the Indian Ministry of Defense. Components are sourced from USA, Europe and India for competitive pricing.Two services are provided to MRO Repair Stations. One is Repair Services of parts shipped from customer location, repaired in Bengaluru and shipped back to customer docks with a TAC time of 15 days including freight time. Another is Contract Manufacture of PMA components and fixtures to customers design.


It has a manufacturing facility in an Industrial Suburb in Bengaluru. Infrastructure includes CNC machining, Thermal Spray, Grit and Plastic Ball Blasting and Assembly areas for coating, potting, interference fit assembly and a range of other bench work operations, NAS410 certified FPI and MPI.


The primary market we served is in Commercial Aviation MRO in the USA. We address the requirements of technically involved, high quality, custom repairs and products of low to medium volume and high mix.


Our commitment to quality is not just in meeting customer requirements but also customer expectations. The company started as a dedicated unit for a US Aerospace corporation and the first activity was preparing the quality management system. While we were building prototypes we also got AS9100 certification before starting the first production order. We were born with quality consciousness and have maintained it using a variety of tools like Pareto, Fishbone analysis, 5 Whys, etc.view more