Gamma Spectroscopy system(NaI and LaBr based)

  1. To demonstrate the measurement of gamma-ray energies with high resolution provided by a High-purity Germanium (HPGe) detector.
  2. To understand the performance differences between counting with a high-resolution system (HPGe) and a low-resolution system (NaI).
Gamma rays are the highest-energy form of electromagnetic radiation, being physically the same as all other forms (e.g., X rays, visible light, infrared, radio) but having (in general) higher photon energy due to their shorter wavelength. Because of this, the energy of gamma-ray photons can be resolved individually, and a gamma-ray spectrometer can measure and display the energies of the gamma-ray photons detected.

Gamma Spectroscopy system(NaI and HPGe)

Gamma Spectroscopy system(NaI and HPGe)
1. Digital Data acquision
2. Used for radiation detector applications in university research, national  laboratories & Nuclear establishment and industries