PV IV Measurement Systems

Standard Probe Station Chucks and Accessories
Model #15510 Vacuum Chuck with 15512 Probe Bar & Actuator option illuminated by a 11018A Solar Simulator

Vacuum Chucks

Multi Zone Vaccum Chucks:
Abet Multi-Zone Vacuum chucks are available in four standard sizes, 
50 x 50 mm, 156 x 156 mm, 210 x 210 mm and 300 x 300 mm. Cells from 
3 x 3 mm to the chuck maximum size can be accomodated A set of cell 
locators is included with each chuck to allow for reproducible 
positioning of the devices.

Micromanipulator Base Option:

The micromanipulator base option provides two magnetic platforms 
for micromanipulators. The bases are fully adjustable so that 
micromanipulators can contact anywhere on a cell.