Guage / Absolute Pressure Transducer

1. Guage / Absolute Pressure Transducer
Ranges Available
• 0 to 3000 thru 0-60K PSI (207 BAR thru 4,137 BAR) . 
• 0 to 1 PSI thru 0 to 30K PSI, *Some Options May Affect Range 
  (PSIG, PSIS, PSIA, PSIV & Compound Ranges Available).
• 0 to 1 PSI thru 0 to 50K PSI *Some Options May Affect Range
• PSIG, PSIS PSIA, PSIV & Compound Ranges Available

XFM Digital Mass Flow Meter .

Design Features
  • Supports up to 23 Engineering Units (including User Defined).
  • Stores calibration data for up to 10 gases.
  • Programmable Totalizer indicates total gas quantity.
  • High and low gas flow Alarm limits with preset delay interval.
  • Two sets of user-programmable electromechanical SPDT relays with latch option.
  • User-selectable analog 0-5 Vdc or 4-20mA outputs.

DFM Digital Mass Flow Meter

  • Multi Parameter flow meters provide accurate data on three different fluid parameters .
  • Totalizer
  • Alarm
  • Multi-Gas Calibration -storing primary calibration
  • data for up to 10 gases.
  • Flow Range: 10mL/min to 100mL/min 

GFC Analog Mass Flow Meter

Design Features
• Rigid metallic construction.
• Maximum pressure of 1000 psig (70 bars).
• Flow Range: 0.5mL/min to 1000L/min
• Leak integrity 1 x 10-9 of helium.
• NIST traceable certification.
• Built-in tiltable LCD readout.
• 0-5 Vdc and 4-20 mA signals.
• Circuit protection.
• Can be used as a portable device.
• Engineering units or 0 to 100[[][[]][[][%]]] displays.
• TIO Totalizer option.

DPM Digital Multi Gas Mass Flow Meter

  • Multi-Parameter functionality: Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Gas Pressure and Temperature.
  • Multi-Gas functionality: support for 90 different gases and gas mixes.
  • “User Defi ned Mixture” functionality allows to create and store up 20 custom gas mixes with up to 5 different gases each.
  • Quick (< 20ms) response time.
  • Standard accuracy ± (0.5[%] RD + 0.2[%] FS).
  • 200 to 1 turndown ratio.
  • All 3 user selectable analog output interfaces are standard: 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA.
  • Two user selectable digital communication interfaces (RS-232 and RS-485) are standard.

Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

  • Flow meters for liquid flow applications.
  • Jewel bearings allow for very low minimum flow rates.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Flow Range: 0.15L/min to 132.5L/min for H2O
  • Mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Only one moving part.
  • Flow indication via transparent acrylic cover.
  • Versatile square wave flow output signal.
  • Female NPT ports.
  • Multiparameter: flow and temperature *outputs.
  • Four wires platinum RTD option. Polypropylene and chemically resistant. 

Digital Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

  • Jewel bearings allow for very low minimum flow rates.
  • Multiparameter: flow and optional temperature measurements.
  • Polypropylene and chemically resistant PVDF models.
  • Supports up to 29 Engineering Units (including User Defined).
  • Two programmable Totalizers and Flow Pulse output (3.3Vdc CMOS).
  • Programmable High/Low Flow and optional Temperature Alarms with preset action delay interval.
  • User-selectable (via jumpers) analog 0-5 Vdc or 4-20mA flow and optional temperature outputs.