Solar Simulator

1. Cost Effective Solution
   Abet Technologies model 10500 is a low cost solar simulator providing an attractive alternative to more fully featured and expensive solar simulators for applications that do not require a large area illuminated field.
2. Innovative Optical Design
The 10500 utilizes a fast F/1 optical system and rear reflector to collect radiation from the lamp allowing over 3 suns output over smaller fields.
3. Adaptable System Configuration
The 10500 offers a flexible design that can be adapted to your particular needs.The standard configuration is a horizontal output full spectrum solar simulator.

Sunlight Solar Simulators

Cost effective and full featured
  • Gen III Optics for High Efficiency Illuminati
  • Infinitely Adjustable Irradiance, Reproducibly Settable
  • Class A AM1.5G Spectral Match
  • ASTM Class A stability
  • 50×50 mm Class B uniformity
  • Manual Shutter Included, Electronic Shutter Optional
  • Uninterrupted testing with the prealigned lamps
  • HEPA filtered air cooling

Solar 3000AAA

Sun 3000 Class AAA:
  • Innovative and Complete
  • Clean Cooling
  • Adaptable

Sun2000 Class A

Sun2000 Class A:
  • Innovative and Complete
  • Clean Cooling
  • Adaptable