• Compressor Shroud
  • CFM56 Engine Component Repair

Aviation MRO

Aeronics provides high quality Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft engine components with the state of the art thermal spray and CNC machining facility. Aeronics repairs Compressor Shrouds for CFM56 engine for an US MRO corporation. We also provide Electro-mechanical products like Cable Assemblies, Actuators and Switches for commercial aviation after market in the USA. All the products we supply to the US have been approved by Federal Aviation Administration for flight worthiness, a clear distinction to our capabilities, quality and reliability. We have capability to repair Wire Harnesses.Our harnesses are used in Indian Defense in Missiles, UAVs, Tanks and buses. Aeronics is eligible to fulfill offset obligations that multinational corporations have to the Indian Ministry of Defense.

MRO Services

Aeronics repair services for compressor shroud for CFM56 is illustrated. We have a semi-automated thermal spray facility which enables us to fulfill the required repair of worn out mechanical parts of aircraft engines,and our dedicated and trained staff and our in-house machining ability provides excellence in quality, cost effectiveness and well-coordinated & assured turn-around time. We leave no stone unturned to ensure the highest quality in accordance with our well maintained standards and procedures and also to ensure the repair is carried out to comply with all the required specifications. We have Aviation insurance for over $ 5 million to protect our customers and ourselves.”